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How We Started

While attending a memorial service, I wondered if the family knew the many differences their loved one had made in so many lives. Thinking back to the times I stood in the family line, the stories, pictures, and impacts were the most invaluable to hear and feel. 

The problem was that not everyone had a chance to share them in a way that worked for them. 

Looking around the room, I realized that things didn't have to be this way.   

The following week our team came together to begin building this service. A service that enables people to share loving thoughts, a meaningful memory, or even just a simple "I care about you" delivered in their own way. 

One easy location to share what matters, hopefully making loved ones proud and supported on days they need it most.

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Our Values

Make life better for people. Succeed economically. With these constantly in mind, we work hard to earn and never diminish our customers' trust. 


Our goal is to make it easy to share moments of love, loss, and excitement with a focus on weddings, memorials, and group events.


Enable the true impacts of important moments to be known, shared, and remembered between people who care for one another.

Who We Are

We are passionate about our values, dedicated to our mission & customers, and relentless in pursuing our goals. In short, we just care.

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