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Wedding Package Details

Everything Your memorabl Service Purchase Will Include

Below are both the services process and the itemized breakout for your Wedding Package.

Itemized List of What You Will Receive

When You Receive It

Services Process

Order Confirmation

memorabl creates:

You receive:

Personal Website

Premium QR Codes

File Storage Location

Electronic copies of your QR codes to your site and the add comment page
Electronic copies of templates to add your QR codes to and place around your event
A weblink to your site and a weblink to your add comment page

Set up:

You or your event planner distributes your links and invites guests to contribute

You or your event planner places your QR code around the event

Content submission:

Guests scan and contribute to your website with personal messages, pictures, and videos

Content sharing:

After the event, we package the contributions and send you a link with all the files that were uploaded

Available Add-ons and Customization

We are a creative company who wants you to be excited by what our services provide. If you have something (or many things) in mind that you would like, just let us know and we can build a custom package to make it happen!


Prices may vary for customization, but we are excellent at delivering exactly what you envision.


Customization examples include:

  • Creating custom scannable cards to include in your invitations

  • Creating custom scannable cards to place at each seat or table so that guests can contribute easily

  • Poster-board copies of your website to display near the welcome table or at the rehearsal dinner

  • Setting the slideshow up to play (silently) near the welcome table or at the rehearsal dinner

  • Printed books to have as a tangible copy of your contributions (you select and order the content you want in it)

  • Custom videos that go well beyond the standard slideshow

  • Placard holders to match the exact feel and style of your wedding/wedding events

  • Printed cards for guests who prefer to contribute with a hand-written note

  • Dynamic QR code (at any point we can point your QR codes to any online location you like)

    • Point the link to your wedding website after the event 

    • Point the link to a charity of your choice after the event

    • Be as creative as you like, we can change where the QR code sends guests at any point!


Additional services example:

  • Personal monitoring of your board posts. If you feel someone may contribute something inappropriate we offer our services to have one of our team members monitor the posts during the event, removing or preventing anything inappropriate from reaching public view on your behalf.

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