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What is Memorabl?

Memorabl specializes in digital content collection for private events. Think of us like private social media, exclusive to your event. Guests enter your event, scan a QR code, contribute pictures, videos, and messages to your Memorabl board, and you keep those memories forever. Our platform is an event gallery, guest book, and digital content storage system all rolled into one easy to use service. To ensure that you and your guests capture all the moments that make an event special, all Memorabl packages include: 1. A board style website personalized for your event 2. QR codes and an URL to your event board 3. A multi-media enabled slideshow of contributed content 4. Download capability for all pictures, videos & messages

How does Memorabl work?

When guests scan your QR code or click the link for your event they are taken to a board style website where they can add pictures, videos, or comments. After your event you have access to all of the lovely moments shared by your guests and the ability to easily download and use the pictures, videos, and comments for anything you like! Memorabl sends you a QR code and a URL to your private and customizable Memorabl board. You share your QR code (display at your event) and the URL (text or email) with anyone you would like to contribute to your board. Guests add their thoughts, pictures, and videos related to the event (or pictures taken at the event). You have a lasting online memory board of your most important events to visit anytime you like AND can download any of the posted moments whenever you like! Memorabl is great for weddings, graduations, memorials, corporate events, or anytime you wish to capture life’s most precious moments. No tracking down guests for thoughts, pictures, or videos. When you’re ready, just click download, and in one moment, you’ll have every moment! Add your QR code to event invitations, place cards, prayer cards, or display in a variety of ways at your event. Guests can contribute pictures, videos, and messages using any of these methods. Contributions can be displayed at your event in either a board or slideshow style format. Guests may also enjoy contributed content on their mobile devices. Your board and QR codes will be made available within 72 hours of receiving payment. Memorabl offers solutions to use in low WIFI environments. Please see below (link to the wifi FAQ below).

Is Memorabl available outside of the US?

Yes! Memorabl is currently offered anywhere there is an internet connection. We will soon be offering post language translation features as well!

I've already had my event. Can I still use Memorabl?

Absolutely! Once you have purchased a Memorabl package, you will receive your board, URL, and QR code. Simply design the board as you would like and share the URL.

You may also add your QR code to thank you cards or other applicable printed materials to ensure guests' awareness.

When will I receive my board and QR codes?

Your board URL and QR Code will be shared within 72 hours of receiving payment.

Can I see an example of a Memorabl board or slideshow?

Our full product demo is in the works. You will be able to view it soon.



How do I purchase Memorabl?

You can purchase product packages here.

What's included with my purchase?

Memorabl offers several packages to ensure that we meet the needs of your specific event. You can view our packages on our Pricing page For all packages, you will receive: 1. Personalized board style website 2. Event specific QR Code & URL 3. Slideshow of contributed content 4. Download access to all contributed content Your Memorabl board, QR Codes, and URL will be made available within 72 hours of purchase. Your slideshow and downloadable content can be accessed live at any time before, during, and after your event. We also offer custom packages by request. Please contact prior to purchasing to inquire about custom packages.

How much does Memorabl cost?

Prices vary. Memorabl offers several packages to meet the specific needs of our customers. Package options can be viewed here.

What if my event date is changed or canceled?

Memorabl can accommodate date changes. In the event of a date change, please send an email to Memorabl does not feel it is appropriate to verify whether or not guest events have happened. For this reason, we do not offer refunds for canceled events.

Can I purchase a Memorabl board for any type of event?

Yes! Memorabl caters to all types of events. Weddings, memorials, corporate events, charity events, graduations, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and anniversaries have all proven to be successful uses of Memorabl in the past. If it’s a moment worth savoring, Memorabl can help! If you are having a smaller event where our prices do not make sense for you, but you would like to use Memorabl, please send us an email at We may be able to create a Memorabl-mini package at a price that works for you.

Can I purchase Memorabl as a gift?

Yes! Memorabl makes an excellent gift to those most special in your life. We have found that many brides, grooms, family members, and charities have been particularly grateful for a Memorabl board gifted to them for their events. When purchasing one of our packages, you may list your email address or theirs. If you provide their email address, they will be notified when payment is received. So, if the gift is a surprise, it is probably best to use your own email address.

How long in advance of my event should I purchase Memorabl?

We can accommodate any purchase that is made with more than 72 hours’ notice of usage. However, many of our customers find that sharing their QR Code and URL in advance of their event is ideal.



Does Memorabl require an internet or Wi-Fi connection?

To access a Memorabl board you must have an internet connection (Wi-Fi, mobile internet connection, etc) BUT once you have connected to a board, you can still use the board WITHOUT an internet connection. Once you reconnect to the internet, your posts will update to the main board and you’ll be able to see everyone else’s posts as well as the additions of your new posts. Many choose to contribute to the Memorabl board before and after the event regardless of internet connection during the event, so we typically have not seen issues presented by poor internet connectivity at Memorabl events. If you are concerned about how this may work at your event please contact us at We will have our team assess your case individually and provide the best recommendations available.

How much data storage will my board have?

Data storage is unlimited. Memorabl does not limit data storage volume for any of its packages provided the posted content continues to be specific to the event the package was purchased for.

Will updates to the board be made in real time?

Yes, contributions are instantaneous provided the user has sufficient connectivity.

Is there a limit to the number of posts that can be added?

All standard board packages come with unlimited posts. The only exception is if you ask for a post limit in creating a custom package—we are able to do it, but it is not typically requested. Examples can be smaller events offered at a lower price than our base package where unlimited posts (and the costs associated with them are not needed).

Does Memorabl work on an iPhone, Android, or iPad?

Yes, all Memorabl boards are available on iPhone, Android, and iPads. Memorabl will work on any device that uses any web browser either on mobile or desktop.

My QR code isn't working. Who do I contact?

For any issues with our technology please contact

My board isn’t working. Who do I contact?

For any issues with our technology please contact

Using Memorabl

Using Memorabl

How long will my Memorabl board be active for?

Upon purchasing a Memorabl package, your board, QR code and URL will all be activated and shared with you via email within 72 hours. After that, it will stay accessible online until you take it down—there's no time limit! Please note that Memorabl is sold on a per-event basis. We consider, for example, bachelor/ette parties, wedding showers, multi-day festivities, and all other surrounding wedding events as one Memorabl event. Guests will be able to post throughout all of these events and things related to them for years to come all on one board. We do not consider your wedding and your golf tournament the following year as the same event :) We have technologies implemented to detect malicious use cases like these. Memorabl’s usage policies are available on our Policy page.

Can guests contribute to my board before or after the event?

Absolutely! As long as Memorabl is being used for the event it was purchased for guests can contribute to your board before or after the event. Many guests tend to sit down in the days following events and contribute on their own time in their own ways and we encourage it!

How long can guests post content for?

As long as the posts are relevant to the event for which the Memorabl board was purchased, guests are welcome to post at any point before, during, or after your event. There's no time limit unless you set one.


See our policy on inappropriate use here.

Can guests download pictures and videos from the board?

Yes, guests can download individual images and videos from your board.

How long will I have access to my Memorabl board?

View-only access to your board will begin 72 hours after the event date listed on your purchase agreement. You will have access until you take it down. There's no time limit unless you set one.

Can I use my board for multiple events like my bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Yes! If it is related to the event for which you purchased the board, then you are welcome to use it for that related event. For example, we consider bachelor/ette parties, wedding showers, multi-day wedding festivities, and all other surrounding events as one Memorabl event. Guests will be able to post throughout all of those events and add new posts related to them for years to come all on one board. We do not consider your wedding and your golf tournament the following year as the same event :) We have technologies implemented to detect malicious use cases like these. If you are unsure about whether you need one or multiple boards or have an uncommon scenario that you would like to ask about please reach out to us at We are typically able to accommodate anything you are looking for in a reasonable way!

How do I share my board with guests?

A QR Code and URL to your event’s board will be provided within 72 hours of purchase. Both can be shared with guests before, during, and after your event via email, text message, invitations, event websites, social media posts, etc. Previous customers have found that displaying QR codes at the event itself is the most effective way to encourage guests to contribute. For ideas on encouraging guests to contribute check out our best practices guide.

When will the photos and videos be shared from my event?

You may download board content at any time before, during, or after your event.

Can I customize my event board?

Yes, we offer a variety of design options for event boards. Great for theme matching, reflecting the appropriate feeling for the event, and encouraging guests to post. Most customers tend to customize their banner picture, banner text, and theme colors. You must be logged in and approved as a moderator to make changes to the design of your board. Changes can be made both on the board itself and by clicking the “Admin” button at the top of your board while logged in.

Is Memorabl customizable?

Yes! Memorabl is always open to innovative uses of our services. If you can dream it up, we will do our best to make it a reality. For custom product inquiries, please contact

How does Memorabl work on the day of my event?

On the day of your event, simply lay your QR Codes out wherever you would like and encourage guests to scan, post, and view. We recommend designating a few moderators to monitor posts and also encourage guests to contribute. They can do it easily from their phones and approve/reject in bulk to minimize time away from the event.

Will you work with my venue to coordinate logistics?

We are happy to work with any event partners. If you would like this option, simply connect us with your event planner, venue, or other partner and we will take it from there. Please contact for more information.

Moderating content

Moderating Content

Can I delete unwanted posts from my board?

Yes, after buying a board, you will automatically have admin permissions to delete or moderate posts. You may also add additional moderators to ensure that unwanted content is removed from boards.

Does Memorabl offer automatic post moderation?

Yes! We offer image, video, and text filtering to prevent unwanted posts from reaching your board. If you would prefer this upgrade over having a moderator manually approve/reject posts just simply add it to your purchase package or select a package that includes this feature For transparency, this feature costs us additional fees to implement, which is why we charge more for it. We never want our customers to feel taken advantage of. If the price for us goes down in the future, we may be able to make this a standard feature included in all packages. See the Pricing page to view our packages.

What if I accidentally delete posts by mistake?

All posts provide a pop-up asking if you are sure you would like to delete the post before it disappears from your board to prevent accidents.After this step has been confirmed, you will be unable to restore the deleted post. 

Can Memorabl boards be made private?

Yes, moderators may make any board private in the Admin settings of the board.

Can I delete a post?

Yes, any user that has been added as a moderator may delete posts. To add moderators, click the “Admin” button at the top of your board while logged in.

What if a bad photo or video is posted?

Customers are responsible for the content that is contributed to their boards. You can prevent unwanted posts by enabling moderation mode in the admin options at the top of your board and inviting moderators. Moderators may approve posts and reject unwanted content. Note - You must be logged in to access the admin options screen. Alternatively, Memorabl also offers Automatic Post Moderation.

Partnering with us

Partnering with us

Does Memorabl partner with other businesses?

Yes! We are always open to partnering with wedding professionals, event professionals, musicians, venues, funeral homes, corporate event teams, and any other businesses that would like to use or promote Memorabl. If you are interested in partnering with Memorabl, please contact

Can Memorabl be used for corporate events?

Yes! Memorabl has a proven track record of providing excellent, service to corporate partners. Be it a client facing outing, the company holiday party, or any other event where social interaction is key, Memorabl will help! For corporate events it is common for us to travel to meet your needs as well, so please feel free to contact us with events anywhere you are hosting your event. Please reach out to us at with any questions and our corporate team will respond shortly.

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