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Features and Options

Many of our core features are listed below but if you have any questions please also check out our FAQ page or send us an email at

Memorabl Board

Your Memorabl board is a per event private website that gathers and displays all of your guests' Memories from your event.

  • It works on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac (nearly any device with a web browser).

  • No accounts are needed to view or add to the board unless the event hosts require it making it easy for everyone!

Scan or click below to see/try an example board!


Easy Sharing

Every Memorabl board provides users with a unique QR code, sharable link, and one-click sharing options.

  • Anyone who views the board can invite someone else to share on the board unless the hosts choose otherwise.

  • You can share access through texting, email, social media, your website, or any other applications that you use to communicate and share.

  • You can also download and/or print the QR code for easy sharing on physical prints such as invitations, table cards, posters, brochures etc.


Fun Prompts

A concern for anyone hosting an event is whether their guests will engage with each other and enjoy the event. 

Memorabl provides guests with suggestions to help guide the event toward the hosts goals.

  • Our prompts create fun, engagement with other guests, capture certain moments, and more depending on what you want the feel of your event to be!

  • We even offer customized prompts that are tailored to your specific event intentions. 

Image filtering Red And Black.png

Automatic Post Filtering

To ensure inappropriate posts never make it to your main board, we use AI to scan posted pictures, videos, and messages for unwanted content.

  • Hosts can toggle this feature on and off as desired.

  • Any posts that are flagged as inappropriate are added to a private queue so that you never lose a "fun" moment.

  • Hosts can approve posts in the private queue to be shown on the main board for everyone to see.

  • For most events this is a must-have feature to prevent anyone from unintentionally or maliciously posting event ruining content.


One Click Downloads

All Memorabl boards allow hosts to download all posted content with a single click. No need to text everyone for the pictures and degrade the quality of the images!

  • Hosts can bulk download all of the images at once or select images/videos they wish to download individually.

  • Guests are also able to download any photos from the board individually, but are not provided access to bulk downloads.

  • Guests love this feature as they tend to download pictures others have posted of them with their dates, cool candids, or fun group pictures.

One Click!


Privacy Control

All Memorabl boards make it easy and quick to control who has the ability to view, post, or download from your Memorabl board. Hosts can:

  • Lock the board's visibility to approved guests only (who must verify their email addresses).

  • Prevent new posts from being added.

  • Prevent guests from inviting new guests.

  • Edit or remove unwanted posts at any time.

  • Choose to manually review each and every post before it is shown on the main board (this feature is toggled on and off).


Live Updating Slideshow

Memorabl provides a slideshow of all of the posts added to the main board. The slideshow:

  • Can be viewed online straight from the board or downloaded.

  • Live-updates with new posts if viewed online.

  • Available to guests and hosts unless locked by the hosts.

  • Can be nicely used during the event as a gathering point on a projector or television or after the event as a fun way to relive each moment.


Add Moderators

Add as many Moderators as you like so that you can focus on your big day. Moderators can:

  • Edit or remove unwanted posts at any time.

  • Change the theme/color settings.

  • Turn prompts on and off.

  • Close the board from public view so that only the hosts and moderators can view it.

  • In short, do anything you would need someone to do to ensure has a great Memorabl experience.

There Are Many More!

Memorabl can do many amazing things to list them all here. If you have any questions on features, options, or uses please check our FAQ page or email us directly at

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