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Everything You Need to Know Summary

What is Memorabl?

You can try adding a post or inviting someone as well.

An Invite-Only Media Board Private to Your Event

  • Guests add pictures, videos, and personal messages from before, during, or after the event directly from their iPhones, Androids, or Computers

  • Only those who scan a QR code at the event or are invited directly are able to view and contribute to the board

Photo Gathering:

  • Individual and bulk downloads of all photos added

  • No need for hashtags, shared albums, or any other platform that does not work easily and for everyone (our oldest user is 81 years old)

Captures the Full Journey and Supplements Professional Photography

  • Let professional photography capture the key moments and the guests capture all of the human moments before, in between, and after

  • All of the photos added are real time which gives your event hosts and guests something to enjoy while the professional photos are being edited 

  • This is especially great for sub-events like trying on dresses, bridal showers, and bachelor(ette) parties (yes there is a private mode) before a wedding

What is Memorabl?

What does partnering with Memorabl do?

Upgrades Your Client Experience:

  • Upgrades your client experience without costing you money or time

  • Easy to sell due to high demand for the product

  • Brings the most premiere way to capture an event to both your clients and their guests

Grows Your Business:

  • If you post just once on your clients' boards, every person at the event will know who provided your amazing service

  • The best way to sell is for potential clients to experience your services first hand - you now have the ideal way to advertise directly to everyone who experiences your services

  • You may also choose to purchase a Memorabl board for your company as a way to crowd source marketing material to help you expand your business further

Earns Your Business Profit::

  • No minimum purchase requirements, commitments, upfront fees, etc

  • For each board you sell, you receive a commission plus any bonus rewards achieved

  • Upon completed sign up, you will receive the full profit sharing details.

    • A ballpark example, the average wedding planner or funeral director in NYS can increase their salary by up to 5-20%* annually from adding our services to their business offerings​

*These figures are not guaranteee and vary for each business. Figures are calculated based on average salaries and sales in respective businesses within NYS.

Partner w Memorabl do?

How to Sign Up as a partner!

Steps to Sign Up:

  1. In the top right-hand corner of the page click the "Log In" button

  2. A form will appear - select the "Partner Business" Option

  3. Fill out the information in the form and submit it

  4. You are all set! Memorabl will review your sign up and reach out to you accordingly! 

  5. ​Keep an eye out on  your inbox and spam folder for an email from us with a link to our partner portal! 

Note: We typically respond in under 2 business days. If you do not hear from us, please be sure your sign up went through and/or send us an email at

How to sign up

For Any Questions Sign Up or Reach Out Directly!
We look forward to succeeding with you.

You are welcome to reach out to us anytime. Please send us an email or call at the below. Our fastest form of communication is typically email in case you need to reach us quickly.

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