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Private Events

Collecting guest photos takes time and motivating guests to engage and have fun can be awkward.

Memorabl makes both easy!

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Memorabl is the Best Way to Gather Guest Photos...

Capture a Moment


Scan QR Code

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Post and Enjoy

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...And The Best Way To Move Guests Off Their Phones and On To Having Fun!

Golf tournaments, retirement parties, graduations, birthdays, & more...Memorabl is for any type of event!

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QR Table Cards

QR codes placed around your event and added to your invitations give everyone easy access to join the fun!

Custom colors and banner

Memorabl always matches your aesthetic with customizable theme colors and banner image. It will feel like someone created a customized experience just for your event!

Fun Prompts

Some guests need a nudge to get off their phones and into the event.

Our prompts give fun opportunities for every guest to have fun, meet other guests, and live in the moment!

AI Content Filtering

Automated post filtering so you never need to worry about something inappropriate becoming publicly visible. We add those posts to a private queue for the hosts eyes only!

One click downloads

Download all of the pictures, videos, and messages on your board with a single click!

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Is Memorabl worth it?

Hear it from our users, our oldest are in their 80's.

"Our kids set up a Memorabl board for our anniversary party. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift!"
A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony
"Return user here! I loved using this for my friend's birthday party. The prompts actually worked and got everyone involved and having fun!"
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"This was a great way to get everyone involved for our church retreat. The Gold pack was worth it fyi."
"This was perfect for our annual golf tournament. Affordable and actually got people to engage in the fun!"
"Memorabl let me share memories with family who couldn't make it to my graduation. It felt pretty good to feel connected to them from so far away on such a big day."
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